July 20 2015 

So this past week was crazy. Just crazy. Plus it went by super duper fast. Monday: was p- day had a crazyy good bible bash with this guy and by the end of the lesson set a baptismal date with him and got his address and his name and a return appointment. It was great! Also while emailing at mcdonalds(the elders had the key to the church and they dont work to well with us because we took over the area…) at mcdonalds a worker was like “i just had to come over here and tell you guys that you two are the prettiest girls i have ever seen!” And of course sister farr and i were like awww. But we started talking about the gospel, and we gave him a book of mormon and we was like “whoa! Alma, mosiah… Who are all these people?” So we talked about prophets and a little about joseph smith. Then he was like ” i LOVE your church! But i have one deal breaker questions for you!… What is your personal opinion and your churches opinion on marriage?” So we told him that marriage is very important and that it should be between man and woman THEN he asked “what is your personal AND churches opinion on homosexuality….?” And we looked at each other and we told him together what we believed and showed him the family proclamation. Right when we were going to testify his boyfriend came in and started screaming at him because he was talking to us. It was very interesting…. But today we are going back to mcdonalds and giving him a copy of the talk “why marriage, why family” from this past GC. We will see how that goes. But also we were able to give him a book of mormon. Which was awesome. 

Tuesday: we were in little rock for a meeting all day. So nothing really happened until the night time. We had our Book of Mormon class and then we helped this lady clean her house.

Wednesday: We had an amazing lesson on the plan of salvation with our investigator Marilyn shes so cool. She has breast cancer, has her last chemo next week, just had her 70th birthday and is getting married in September. Shes pretty awesome. But she gave us a referral to this guy. And im just going to say his name because EVERYBODY needs to meet him. His name is Ronnie. People call him “big money ronnie” but he says that they should change his name to “no change ronnie” haha. But just a little background on ronnie. He is blind, 6’4, african man, with hands the size of i dont know!!! But we had a member my companion and my hand and it barley fit into his whole hand. Anyways He has the best attitude. And tells the best jokes. He cried when we met him because he prayed earlier for someone to visit him and teach the word! And there we were! But he says “im a swell piece of liver and im well put together!” Or he says “im happy happy happy happy with jesus.” Or he told us this joke “did you hear about the boy that got hit in the head with a coca cola? Hes ok because it was a soft drink!” Hahaha hes sooo funny. He talks just like those really black people ya know? But hes a hoot. I could talk about him all day. 

Thursday: i cant remember…

Friday: i cant remember…

Saturday and Sunday: We had a guy who the missionaries have been working with for 7 years. And have never come to church, the elders and even the ward members were telling us “you are wasting your time! Hes never going to progress!!” Well we kinda proved them wrong this past week. Because we set a baptisimal date with him AND he came to church!!!! He even brought his friend with him who is also interested in the church!! Everyone was suprised!! This guys name is James and he said that he would come next week to church. It took some time for us. I mean, we woke him up at 8, waited 30 minutes outside of his house for him to get dressed, found him a ride and he came and enjoyed it!!!! 
We were soo happy! Sister farr and i are really seeing the fruits of our labors!!! Its exciting!

Morrilton is pretty cool. Well this part of Arkansas is very stereotypical arkansas… Haha. 
Hope all is well!! 
Picture: marilyn and david on her birthday!! We made her a cake and she was super happy we did. 


{sister jade accountius}


Sister Farr & the M lyfe 

1. so this is sister farr & i. we were going into a uncomfortablesituation so we said a prayer and we took a picture to keep as a

2. i left the house looking really neat and clean….. and then the

humidity and the heat destroyed me on our bikes. 



July 6th 

so this week is going to be a long letter. because i had so much happen in these past two weeks. so brace yourselves. 
ok. first. you might have heard about senatobia on the news. the superintendent banned people from using horns and screaming and everything at graduation. but there were two families who decided to do it anyways. so both families were escorted out and both were fined. but one of the families tried making it a racist thing. so the superintendent has got a lot of hate mail and threats from all over the nation. and its been on good morning america, fox news. yup. but understand that senatobia is TINY. look up the population size.. its crazy. 
second. i almost died. but the lord was watching over my companion and i. we were walking out of a house and we come up to the street where our car is parked. and the streets are really small and narrow here. so we stop at the curb and see this car speed and then turn off run through some leaves and then dodge some trees and run into a ac unit. sister dudly and i were like “uhhh….” so we run to go check on him. and hes just in there like chilling all cool. and breathing fine…. so i ask him if hes ok and hes like “ya! im good!” so we slowly walk away while i call 911 FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! and we walk to the car and all these cops come. turns out, he has seizures all the time… ya… he almost killed us. if he didnt go the other way we would have been dead. 

then later that same day. we are riding on the freeway with a member to Sardis and we see all these cops. they found a big bag of human body parts…. and then 3 days later they find some in a neighboring town. senatobia is getting sketchier and sketchier. 
third. i just want to testify of the greatness of church leaders who listened to the promptings of the holy ghost and gave talks about the family and marriage for general conference. it was inspired. general conference was on april its now june and you can see how those talks were inspired because of the whole supreme court making gay marriage legal in all states. its like the church is true! 
so. i got a call…. and i got tranfered. im in morilton, arkansas now. im really scared because 1. im training again and 2. we are opening this area. WHAT? im still amazed at the thought of me being a missionary. its just crazy. but leaving senatobia was the saddest thing ive ever done. lots of tears were shed. i really miss it there. the ward was the best. 

however… the ap’s didnt tell me i was going to arkansas until that day of transfers. they forgot. so seriously crazy life a missionaries life is!! but i got here. 

anyways. my companions name is Sister Farr. OH MY GOSH!!! i love her. i love her to death! we are really similar and she wants to work hard and she really loves to talk. so i love it. 
sister farr and i have been trying to really work hard to find investigators that were in the area book and to find members too. thing is we dont have the car. the elders do. so the first day was friday and we walked just a little. maybe like 9 miles just trying to find people. but the roads in millington are not even roads they are like ally’s. and they literally go from 0 degrees to 60 degrees of an incline. so we had tons of fun walking up them. then on saturday we were like ” wait. we have bikes..??? why havent we been using them?” soooo we got smart. but moving forward… we got a car on sunday night. its nice. its a 2015 corolla. its a touch screen, we connected our phone to it so if we are driving we dont have to hold the phone.. we have a back up camera its nice.
but since we are opening an area, we’ve had some interesting experiences. really interesting. not racist or anything but i went from seeing black people all around me, to seeing white people all around me. its actually a huge change. um. ya. i cant really say anything about my interesting experiences but just know that i had them.
anyways. i think that may be it. im loving it. stay safe & close to our savior jesus christ! 
{sister jade accountius}


June 29th buh-bye Sentobia

just a few little buh bye pictures taken yesterday.
mommy & daddy. the older people in the picture…. they are as
southern as they get.. you would love them. we went out with sister
berry a lot, and i know you would love them.
oh & aida claire and i were matching so we had to take a picture




June 22 Sophie and the missionaries

so this is sophie berry. her mom is mary berry the one that did my
hair. and sophie is literally i different character… hahaha.

but she always sees us and says “missionaries!!” its cute. but if you
look closely at her face, she has makeup on and she did it herself!!!
and then she says “missionaries lets take a funny picture….” yaaa
shes funny. want my little girl to be like her hahaha.




bloggg. June 15

sorry i havent written in awhile. A lot of things have been going on.
Im back now.
This week was just crazy. Lots of traveling and lots of people seeing
and talking to general authorities and what not. May i say one more
time. Bus rides with elders is probably the craziest experience ive
had in my whole entire life time. Because 1. You first think “oh they
are elders they must be mature in some way” and then you think 2.
“They must study their scriptures on the bus….” Let me tell you
that numbers 1&2 are false. None of that happened. And the sad part is
that on the bus there are elders in the back then the sisters in the
middle and then elders in the front. YOU ARE SURROUNDED!! AND YOU CANT
GET AWAY! Anyways. There was singing,rapping, dancing, elders trying
to act like pray mantises and telling funny jokes and naming their
favorite animals…it was crazy. And by the end of the bus rides all
the sisters turn into them…. :/ but seriously. Most of my week was
spent in a car or a bus. We didn’t see any investigators this week
because we were traveling back and forth from Mississippi and
Tennessee and Arkansas. Just crazy. But fun learning experience.

I really have nothing else to say. It was a crazy week.

Thanks for all the mail that i get! It really makes my week!
hugs and hugs,
sister accountius