Confusing blog update (August 31. 2015) 

Not much to say this week. We had mission leadership council this pastwednesday and pretty much got chastised on how we teach. So now if we are giving a lesson on the restoration we have to use the pamphlet and only teach it in 7 minutes… Yup. We had 2 general authorities come down and chastise us. So that was a fun 8 hour meeting.

However this week we taught a lot of people. I cant tell you how much sister arce and i love each other. Its crazy. Sister arce is pretty cool though. She got baptized almost 2 years ago. Her family doesnt support her decision, so sister arce doesnt know a lot about the gospel well actually she knows more than me. She teaches me a lot. Shes just super awesome. I love her. And its super awesome shes from new mexico!!! Once in a lifetime friendship right there.

Well i guess this blog is just going to be about how much i love mycompanion. But hope you understand my love for sister arce.
Have a great week!!
{sister jade accountius}


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