Augustttttt week (17th)

so this week was busy. we had transfers this week on wednesday…. somonday and most of tuesday i spent packing. then wednesday i gottransfered to Conway, AR as a sister training leader. Its awesome, butreally busy. My companion sister Arce is from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She knows Erica (mom dad… She knows erica) but its weird knowingeverything about abq and how we both know who the weather man is onchannel 4 (STEVE STUCKERRRRR!!!) but its legit. Anyways. It was justbusy. Conway is the same as farmington. Same size same stores…Actually more stores.. Ya. But there are 2 wards. And 4 sets ofmissionaries and the work is great here!!!

I have nothing. Seriously. I really dont have anything else. Maybe
next week…. Haha.
Love you all!



{sister jade accountius}


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