August 24. 2015

hey everyone!
This week like all others was crazy. We were crazy busy.

Last Sunday we had 2 investigators come to church… 40 minuteslate…. stayed for only 15 minutes of sacrament. We thought they weregoing to stay the rest of church because they showed up 40 minuteslate…. well nope. They said that they didnt like church. WHAT?!?!?!?Ya. It was really interesting. So we were supposed to meet with themthis week, but they had a birthday party and etc. but they said theyhave some questions about the church… Because they saw somthingsonline. So we have an appointment with them tonight. That will begreat.

But this week. Wow. So Sister Arce and i are really good friends. Wetalk about New Mexico a lot. We were talking about Blakes Lotaburgerthis morning before studies. Haha. But i think we’ve got the fire. Weare really working on faith. Faith in all things. The beginning of theweek we said (more like a pump up talk) “OK! WE NEED FAITH. WE AREGOING TO GO OUT THERE TALK TO EVERYONE! INVITE THEM TO BE BAPTIZED!AND THEN BAPTIZE THEM!!!” And then we figured out how we were going to do that…haha.. By talking to everyone and being bold. So this whole week we did great. We did our very best. We had faith. We found a lot of people, we invited a lot people to be baptized and to come to church! We were sooo excited for Sunday to see (about 7 people to church). We called them multiple times to help them get to church and everything. They said “we are getting dressed…” Or “we are on our way”…. But did they show up to church? Nope. After that experience we felt very discouraged throughout the remainder of the day. We worked really hard through the week but had no success Sunday. It was rough. But i continuously told myself “heavenly father knows we tried our best! It may not show in our numbers but he knows!” So that was mostly our week. Ha. We went on 2 exchanges with the sisters in thezone. Its interesting to see how others teach. There was one sister that literally pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was a little frustrated. So in Conway there is a University. Its UCA. And her and her companion have that area… So we went to talk to people we went on the campus and she literally made me sing. So this is how it went… We walk down this street and we will see someone to talk to so then we talk to them and she will say “we are sister missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Can we sing you a song” and most of them said yes (DANG NABBIT!) and so then she would start singing the spirit of god and the. Id have to sing it…. I sang to a total of 9 college kids my age and we got 0 investigators out of it. So i said “lets not waste our time anymore….” SO AWKWARD! anyways. That was my crazy week. Love you all!
{sister jade accountius}
Exchanges with sister Lawson and pictures with some cute twins! 



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