August 10. 2015

Alrighttttt. So. Most important news. Im getting transferred. Mycompanion sister farr has been out only 6 weeks but now shes going to

train! Im a proud mama. Ive had 2 of my babies train.
So this week… Hmm i hate typing out what happened because so much

happens each week.
Well we found some super elect people. Surprisingly we taught the plan

of salvation, and we were really bold maybe a little too bold and we

told them that they had to be baptized in the church to be able to

reach the celestial kingdom. And you know what…. They were a little

stand offish but the spirit worked with them and they want to still be

baptized. We just gotta get them married and have them quit smoking

then they are done. Soooo no baptism any time soon.
So our investigator Ronnie is blind. But he loves us! His attitude

about life is the greatest. But there is a lady that comes from a

massage clinic and gives $5 facials and massages for 30 minutes. So

Ronnie was like “my little angels!! I bought y’all a massage so go get

one,.” So we awkwardly got massages… We are still confused whether

that was allowed we haven’t had a firm answer…
Uhhh the elders and us are sharing an investigator.. Well its a couple

but we are sharing them and they have a raccoon… I held it a couple

of weeks ago. Butttt the elders held him this week and pretty sure

they got rabies… Ill send pictures.
Also. We went to one of our really cool progressing investigators

home…. And found this note on the door… All we could do was laugh

because it was her husband that wrote it and he has terrible hand

writting… Ill send a picture of that too.
Well ill let you all know where ill be this up coming transfer….
Love yall!!

{sister jade accountius} 

This is how elder Thomas got rabies. 

  The rejection letter.  


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