July 6th 

so this week is going to be a long letter. because i had so much happen in these past two weeks. so brace yourselves. 
ok. first. you might have heard about senatobia on the news. the superintendent banned people from using horns and screaming and everything at graduation. but there were two families who decided to do it anyways. so both families were escorted out and both were fined. but one of the families tried making it a racist thing. so the superintendent has got a lot of hate mail and threats from all over the nation. and its been on good morning america, fox news. yup. but understand that senatobia is TINY. look up the population size.. its crazy. 
second. i almost died. but the lord was watching over my companion and i. we were walking out of a house and we come up to the street where our car is parked. and the streets are really small and narrow here. so we stop at the curb and see this car speed and then turn off run through some leaves and then dodge some trees and run into a ac unit. sister dudly and i were like “uhhh….” so we run to go check on him. and hes just in there like chilling all cool. and breathing fine…. so i ask him if hes ok and hes like “ya! im good!” so we slowly walk away while i call 911 FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! and we walk to the car and all these cops come. turns out, he has seizures all the time… ya… he almost killed us. if he didnt go the other way we would have been dead. 

then later that same day. we are riding on the freeway with a member to Sardis and we see all these cops. they found a big bag of human body parts…. and then 3 days later they find some in a neighboring town. senatobia is getting sketchier and sketchier. 
third. i just want to testify of the greatness of church leaders who listened to the promptings of the holy ghost and gave talks about the family and marriage for general conference. it was inspired. general conference was on april its now june and you can see how those talks were inspired because of the whole supreme court making gay marriage legal in all states. its like the church is true! 
so. i got a call…. and i got tranfered. im in morilton, arkansas now. im really scared because 1. im training again and 2. we are opening this area. WHAT? im still amazed at the thought of me being a missionary. its just crazy. but leaving senatobia was the saddest thing ive ever done. lots of tears were shed. i really miss it there. the ward was the best. 

however… the ap’s didnt tell me i was going to arkansas until that day of transfers. they forgot. so seriously crazy life a missionaries life is!! but i got here. 

anyways. my companions name is Sister Farr. OH MY GOSH!!! i love her. i love her to death! we are really similar and she wants to work hard and she really loves to talk. so i love it. 
sister farr and i have been trying to really work hard to find investigators that were in the area book and to find members too. thing is we dont have the car. the elders do. so the first day was friday and we walked just a little. maybe like 9 miles just trying to find people. but the roads in millington are not even roads they are like ally’s. and they literally go from 0 degrees to 60 degrees of an incline. so we had tons of fun walking up them. then on saturday we were like ” wait. we have bikes..??? why havent we been using them?” soooo we got smart. but moving forward… we got a car on sunday night. its nice. its a 2015 corolla. its a touch screen, we connected our phone to it so if we are driving we dont have to hold the phone.. we have a back up camera its nice.
but since we are opening an area, we’ve had some interesting experiences. really interesting. not racist or anything but i went from seeing black people all around me, to seeing white people all around me. its actually a huge change. um. ya. i cant really say anything about my interesting experiences but just know that i had them.
anyways. i think that may be it. im loving it. stay safe & close to our savior jesus christ! 
{sister jade accountius}


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