bloggg. June 15

sorry i havent written in awhile. A lot of things have been going on.
Im back now.
This week was just crazy. Lots of traveling and lots of people seeing
and talking to general authorities and what not. May i say one more
time. Bus rides with elders is probably the craziest experience ive
had in my whole entire life time. Because 1. You first think “oh they
are elders they must be mature in some way” and then you think 2.
“They must study their scriptures on the bus….” Let me tell you
that numbers 1&2 are false. None of that happened. And the sad part is
that on the bus there are elders in the back then the sisters in the
middle and then elders in the front. YOU ARE SURROUNDED!! AND YOU CANT
GET AWAY! Anyways. There was singing,rapping, dancing, elders trying
to act like pray mantises and telling funny jokes and naming their
favorite animals…it was crazy. And by the end of the bus rides all
the sisters turn into them…. :/ but seriously. Most of my week was
spent in a car or a bus. We didn’t see any investigators this week
because we were traveling back and forth from Mississippi and
Tennessee and Arkansas. Just crazy. But fun learning experience.

I really have nothing else to say. It was a crazy week.

Thanks for all the mail that i get! It really makes my week!
hugs and hugs,
sister accountius



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