i really have very little to say….  this past week was just training in Little Rock. which remindes me. 

elders…. are weird. so we had to be on the bus at 4 in the morning. so we were really tiered. but a lot of the elders thought it was a great idea to have an all nighter the night before.. and then just sleep on the bus.. did they sleep? NO! they just kept talking. they are sooo immature. haha and some of them are like 25. keep in mind that there are only 3 sets of sisters on the Memphis side. haha. but i won’t lie it was funny. they tried rapping and then we watched the New Testiment videos and its kinda like a love story movie but some of the elders were like “step 14 introduce her to the family before the world unexpectedly falls apart” yaaa… i was soo tiered i laughed. anyways.. we traveled to Little Rock. got there and talked with Elder Zwick, he’s legit. but then we got training on our ipads. ask me how i feel about ipads… “sister accountius how do you feel about ipads?” ok. i’ll tell you! They serve a great purpose in finding people. being able to broaden the Lords work and stuff. but i literally JUST got used to not having technology. I really don’t have a desire to look at an ipad. but. i have to. oh AND i have to get a facebook. ya. a facebook. i just got used to not checking my facebook every 2 hours. its whatevs. anyways… everyone add me. i’ll be looking for you. 

so we get our ipad mini’s on thursday at our zone meeting. hm. 
thats my life. 
oh ya. so Senatobia has bipolar weather just like farmington. ha. so saturday it rained sooo hard when we were finding people.. and i get drenched. so we were walking back to the car and then the sun came out and it got hot within 1 minute. i promise you. that day it went from 70 to 97 degrees. i was frustrated with the weather. 
ohhh and we almost hit a turtle in the road.. but me being the animal loving person i am, pulled over and tried picking it up to move it and save it. BUT. this lady screams at me and shes like ” DON’T YOU DARE PICK THAT UP. IT WILL BITE YOUR HAND OFF!” turns out it was a snapping turtle.. and its really ugly. but i really wanted to help it. 
anyways. love you all. and don’t pick up any turtles. 
-sister accountius


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