hey yall! 
great busy long week ive had. its been really crazy lots of people to see and everything like that! 
so we have these really cool people and most of them are black so that means its really fun to teach them! haha! 

but we’ve been teaching this lady named Ethel ever since I came out! (12 weeks!! can ya believe that?!?!) anyways, shes funny, shes 67 lots of retention issues because shes had a lot of strokes. but shes really awesome! she lives with a whole bunch of people and she has 5 great grand kids that always hangs around us when we come over. this last time we went over they were like ” we want to sing for you!” and we said “alright!! awesome” and they were like “ok do you want us to sing black Annie or white Annie?”, it was funny because they sing the same songs in both of those movies so it didn’t really matter. so we just had them sing black annie. it was funny. really funny. anyways ethel. shes come to church with us twice, loves the church and loves smoking, so that’s a part of why we can’t baptize her yet. but shes working really hard! oh plus she doesn’t have teeth.. so its hard to understand her! its always an adventure when we go to her house! 

ok, heres another story. and you first have to understand that black people in the south have really ghetto black accents… anyways, we were spiritual harvesting and we found these two black women doing hair! so we talked to them and somehow it got to them asking us questions.. heres our conversation. 

them: “wait are yall married?”
us: “nope we aren’t married yet!”
them: “so yall are virgins?”
us: “yes mam!!”
them :” that’s really good because in the bible it says that thou shalt not lust after another and that’s a commandment.. 

*then something within me just came out it was weird* 
I totally went black and did the whole “mmmmmhmmm” attitude thing.. it was the most embarrassing time in my life. haha. and then they both look at me and start cracking up. anyways, we’ve had 2 very successful lessons with them! they are pretty cool! 

ya just some info with people we are working with! 

something crazy. 
here, every 5th sunday they have a potluck after church. its CRAZY! so yesterday we had church and right after we ate food. it was the greatest thing ever! I’ve never heard of it. 

anyways hope yall are doing well! 
Happy Easter!! 
oh… and if you haven’t seen the new Easter Video “because he lives” YOU NEED TO!!! It’s amazing! 🙂

well love yall! 🙂 

-sister accountius

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