March 16, 2015

this week was cray cray. haha. 
so i’ll go down the days..
Monday: p-day! I played for a funeral.. (which was really weird…) I was like “do I play ‘God be with you till we meet again’? or is that too sensitive?” it was just odd. but I did it! haha. sharing my talents. 
Tuesday: We had exchanges… so I went up to Memphis with my STL andddd ended up going to Horn Lake because the ASL sisters there found their recent convert dead on the couch…. sooo we went there to comfort them and then it turned out we just ended up having a huge sleepover with 8 sisters soooo it was fun! 
Wednesday: We went to Worlds Famous Gus’ Chicken.. its SOOO GOOD! PURE SOUTHERN FOOD! Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Beans, Mac and Cheese, Cornbread… man its some good stuff! but the next day all 4 of us didn’t feel to well, lets just say it wasn’t pretty. 
andddd I don’t remember what happened after Wednesday.. its all a blur now. but it was good I can tell you that! 
We have 3 teenage girls we are working with.. they… are pretty much teenagers… haha.. really weird and girly. haha. but they are soo fun. makes me think back to my teenage years.. 😉 

I’m loving it out here! It finally got SUPER HOT! its ridiculous. I sweat. all the time. ick. oh ya. my mission is going to an ipad mission in may. so watch out. haha. 

hope all is well! Its going great here! 🙂 love it love it! 🙂 

and I love you all!! 🙂 keep your covenants and repent and ctr. 
-sister accountius!


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