March 9, 2015

oh man. this week. was the best. ive said that like for the past 3 weeks but, its just wonderful. lots of things happening. in my zone we are having this competition. march madness. so each district is a team and it relies on the numbers you got for the week. its pretty fun. we are the mvp’s for this week. I just like it because it keeps me sane from missing the real march madness. haha. anyways… great week. we met the coolest girls last night, and they knew their bible. like KNEW it! this girl like memorized all of revelations and used it against us… while we were teaching the plan of salvation. but we just like kinda helped her understand what each verse meant. and she was like “ohhh I get it now! that makes a lot of sense!” so we asked her and her sister to be baptized and they were like “uhh yes!” soo theres more to that story that is just crazy spiritual but its hard to put into words. 

so Tuesday we had a district meeting in oxford.BEAUTIFUL PLACE! I LOVE IT THERE! That’s where Mississippi University is and its amazing. but to get there you have to go through Sardis Lake.. aka. Sardis dam and this whole past 2 weeks have been rainy and foggy. but it was crazy! we walked in strait up fog and you couldn’t see the water… it was just crazy, and scary because no one was around and its foggy and theres a dam so when you walk you don’t know whether you will get in the water or not.. it was just crazy and beautfiful! 

so because of this rain and snow and stuff, weve been stuck in the apartment a majority of the week, but that gave me time to realize I’m in my pre mission life crisis…. I had my hair straightned… and then this lady in the ward that is crazy good with hair is doing something with it next Monday… I’m not going to say what…. but it will be a little different… hahaha… just wait….

oh. plus I bought a rice cooker. I’m officially really Asian.

Love You all! hope everything is fine and dandy! 🙂 

-Sister Accountius!


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