feb. 23

hey everrrbodddaaayyy!! 🙂
sooo guess who is a hermana? just kidding. well kinda. i’ll learn like spanish buttttttt…. hahaha… i’ll go back to english next week. anywayyysss…. its going to be a good week. i’m going to graceland tomorrow meeting elvis and stuff.. and then i’m doing missionary work… haha.. but now for the serious stuff.

we had a baptism for a little kid named hunter and he is THE funniest. i now say “i done forgot my purse at home..” because of him… its funny but its the greatest. i just love it here. people are so sweet.. until they tell you “why do you smile a lot?” then you say “I LOVE SMILING, SMILING’S MY FAVORITE!!” and then they say “wow.” then your like “uhhh ya so the book of mormon,” haha but i love it here in senatobia! It Is Thee Best!

So I’ve been studying the New Testament for the past month and I just read the last of Matthew, about the Saviors crucifixion, and oh man. that stuff is deep when you really study it out on your own. I invite everyone to study it on your own. it gives you a greater love and testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ, and his love for his “friends” {Matt 26:50}

so I get a new companion next week. and i’m so scared. because i realized i don’t do change very well… hahaha.. its going to be hard. but i know it will be worth it.

sooo since ive been gone for like 2 months i want to know who is getting married, pregnant, anddddd whose dating. because i find joy in that stuff. haha.

thats it for now!
I love you all! & hope everything is well!! 🙂

see ya in 16!!

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