letter #6

ok. this week was like a miracle week. seriously each day i have been like speechless haha.
ok so i’ll just go down with what happened each day.
Sunday: which was super bowl sunday last week, we walked around in the rain and i got DRENCHED! but it was the best because people were bbqing and i was hungry and everyone was happy!! ya i liked that day.
Monday: p-day so we emailed, washed the car, went shopping… and get this.. i tried on a skirt it was a Medium.. and then it wouldn’t zip up… i flipped… soo i am now a large in skirts. yay!
Tuesday: I got the cold. and my head was pounding and i just didn’t feel good all day and all the investigators and members were like ” you look terrible” and I’m like “thanks” haha anyways.. ya. yucky.
Wednesday: THIS IS THE DAY. So we had a zone mtg. and we had to travel to Memphis for it. So we always get rides from members so we don’t use up too much miles on the car. and so then we were heading home and the lady wanted to take us to chilis. haha… ya so theres this one street that’s ALWAYS busy but its the only street to take to get to places.. its called Goodman road.. anyways. we got in a crash. like we were in the front and then another car behind us and then a car just sped up crashed the car behind us and that car hit us.. sooo scary. but I’m all good. my neck hurt like for 2 days but everyone was safe… people here drive crazy!! just like Dillon!! 😉 but ya we didn’t get home until 6 that night… haha
Thursday: um nothing interesting… i mean we saw some people but ya…
Friday: We had dinner at a families house…and they are just soo funny.. EVERYTHING in their house is in mossy oak. like everything. the wall paper the furniture. its funny. but they have this plunger shaped like a gun and it says “if it brown shoot it down” and its hilarious.
Saturday: We had a baptism!! 🙂 whoop. this family is literally the coolest and sweetest! They make me happy!! 🙂 but it was a great baptism.. and this lady that is a recent convert got engaged that day and shes just sooo excited and shes talking to me about and stuff.. shes great! she is 58.. so its just cute.
Sunday: was a miracle. there is a lady that we see 3 times a week everyweek. her husband is a member and she married him, and for 2 years she has said she doesn’t want to get baptized because she was already baptized into the Baptist church and she doesn’t care if you need to priesthood authority! well…. yesterday morning.. we got out of ward council and her husband comes to us in tears… and says “Nancy announced to me this morning at 4am that she wants and needs to be baptized this Saturday at 10am.” and we broke down in tears.. this was the coolest ever… she later told us that she could not sleep until 1ish and then she woke back up at 4am and the first thing that came to her head was “You need to get baptized on Saturday at 10.” sooo that’s what is happening.. even though its stake conf… and then we had a baptism that evening!

oh ya stake conf.. soooo you would think Memphis is full of talented people… NO! guess who is playing the piano for the Saturday sessions and for the sunday recent convert session…. Me. I. AM. SO. SCARED.

anyways. ya that is my week. its been very eventful. haha!! love you all!! 🙂



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