Arkansas Mission week 5

hey yall.
my week I feel was very successful.
I loved it this week. no words can express the how great it was. haha
we were pretty busy, my mission leader wants me to go to all the members houses and meet them… so I started.. and I’m like almost done. there are literally like 80? members in Senatobia. its funny but I love it. they are all nice. they feed us sooo much. I eat beans, cornbread and deer almost everyday. its great. and I’m super chubbs now. haha

so. baptisms. I expected to come into this area without people to see or people interested in the gospel. however… not my case. the first week I was here there was a baptism. then my mission president gave the new missionaries a goal to set 4 baptism dates with people… I got 3. So Michael Carter is in a partmember family but we visited him that first week I was here, and he commited to a date, and then his daughter was like I want to be baptized too! So we were like YA! so they are getting baptized this Saturday.. and he wants me to do something musical. and I’m nervous because I have NOTHING! anyways ya. then the next Saturday we have Ethel. She is literally the best shes 68 and shes had lots of strokes so she forgets some things but she commited also. and she is doing really well! So she gets baptized the 14th of Feb. then we have Hunter. and hes getting baptized on the 21st. so busy busy.

I love this area a lot. when I tell people where I’m from there like “oh ya, I’ve been through Farmington to get to Utah… pretty place. and I say yall don’t even know what new mexico is.. haha

but ya….. haha.. lots of stuff happening. its great.

the church is true yall don’t forget to read your books of Mormon, because its literally the greatest ever. God loves you and remembers you!!

have a greatttt weeekkk. Love Yall!


also, this. (studying scriptures and apartment) is my home… where I spend like all day.. its like school.

also… her life is…. deer meet and mayo.. is my life. hahaha. oh and lots of ice cream and milk.






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