Letter #4

this week was… I don’t even know how to explain it.. it has just been different.

so first. I have gained an accent. and ive been out here for 2 weeks. my comp tells me I say fixin a lot. so I guess I say “I’m fixin to go to bed” I don’t notice it but I do… haha

in my area.. there are A LOT of white people and there are like special streets where the black people live.. and my comp told me that since I have black people hair it would be safe to go into those neighborhoods… soo we went in… knocked on some doors… and I’m not saying I do good with black people but from the observation we took… I am. so we would knock on the door and just talk to um about the gospel and then theyd be like ” That’s the white people church… but you aint white.. your like mixed! are you mixed?!?” so then Im like “Ya I am! and theres different races in the church!” then theyre like ” WHAAA?? Ok Ok I see.. well tell me about yalls church” so its great and we have lots of progressing investigators because that…
infact we have an older lady that my comp and her past comp were working on getting to church.. they had been trying since April of 2014.. then I came and shes like “OK! I’ll go to church. now that I know that theres black people” haha. I get daily experiences with it. but its great.

we found a lady yesterday while walking in THE RAIN! and we had a lesson with her.. and she wants to put my hair in cornrolls…. so after thisss….. that is whats happening to me… hahaha…

teaching is coming easily for me. I love it. I love the people here. Like I said a LARGE majority of them are Baptists. and they understand who jesus is and everything like that. so its nice to know that they know that stuff.. but its also hard because they are so set in the fact that the apostasy didn’t happen…. so its sometimes hard to get them to realize what happens.

anyways its going great. The people here are soooo nice and soooo southern. I don’t understand most of what they say. haha. I don’t care what people say but the south is literally another country..

Bless you all. I love you! and try hard to share the gospel with everyone you meet. and I promise you, blessings will come! 🙂


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