In the field.

hey friends and fam bams.
sooo.. i traveled to Arkansas last Tuesday. and so I’ve been here 6 days. butttt its been great. so all in one day I was in 3 states! I was first staying at the mission home in Little Rock then I had a transfer mtg. because I was told I would be in Memphis,TN… so I was in Memphis.. (hideous place) and then I traveled another hour to my current area which is Senatobia, Mississippi. hahaha but I live 10 minutes away from Graceland (elvis presleys little home) so that’s really cool I guess. I love it here. Its supposed to be really pretty during the spring… just not in the winter…

anywaysss…. I had a baptism on Sunday.. His name is DJ Crossman. He has a family and they are all sooooo nice and cute. and they make the best food. but ya he got baptized on Saturday.
and then I invited 2 others to be baptized and they said yes surprisingly. and so right now we have 4 on date to be baptized.

over here its hard. because there are WAY to many churches and WAY to many Baptists. haha.. sorry that was rude.. but its the truth. so Its really hard to convert them because they don’t understand that whole concept of the priesthood. haha

sooo I ate deer for the first time last night…. it was actually good…. While I was there I saw a baby duck killed… its been an adventurous time… lots of hunters around here…. ha. ha.

ohhh ya. and I’m the designated driver…. so all you HATERS OUT THERE!! The lord trusts me to be a safe driver with a brand new car. hahaha. sorry that was prideful. but i mean seriously. I’m really good at driving. haha

that’s it. but THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!
and if your not a member of the church…..
check it.

love you all.





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