week 2 in the MTC

ok. so I had a very stresfull week this week. I have been sooo tiered. and so spiritually overwhelmed haha. but mtc life is probably the greatest ever.
i forgot that there will be other people from other areas in the world here. so its soo wierd hearing people from tonga, japan, etc talking. but its really funny because there is a guy from london that i always seem to sit next to at devotionals and he ALWAYS says cherrio. its hilar-ious. but ya talking about devotionals on Tuesdays someone like famous comes to talk to you. haha and my companion is like “good seat nazi” so we got 2nd row seats to listen to Bonnie Oscarson the YW President of the church. She gave an amazing talk and showed us a video from Elder Christoffersons talk.. its in my room. but it was really good!
So… Elder Christensen off of the District 2… he has blonde hair.. idk look him up. well guess who teaches him because hes a P.I. (progressing investigator) ME. Ya… Like I teach him the gospel everyday for 30min. Its the best. and honestly i’m getting a little crush on him. but seriously… what am i going to do about it. im a missionary and hes like old. so that just wouldnt work. haha. im jking. I wish his fields were white and ready to be harvested… I’d convert him. haha.. soo I really don’t know what else. its been a great week. & I kinda miss farmington. I’ve met 8 elders going to the Farmington, NM mission. & they always say “I’m sooo excited I heard its beautiful! What is it like?” hahahahahahahaha…… and I’m like “uhhh i really enjoy durango… and learn Yahtaee” (idk how to spell the navajo word for hello) but ya. MTC is the greatest but I’m just ready to go to Arkansas and teach!! πŸ™‚

Thats it for today I guess! πŸ™‚ Have fun!! πŸ™‚ God loves you all and I can testify of that! πŸ™‚


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