January 3, 2015- Into the MTC

Soo i have not seen the outside world in 4 days… I have forgotten what a car looks like.. just kidding. but seriously its killer. and its hardcore legit cold outside… there is snow EVERYWHERE.. I spend 8 hours in the classroom and everytime I come out I have to prepare myself to freeze. but the time in mtc is fun!!
some nonspiritual things ive learned for myself in the MTC:
1.) when your walking and you see a
big group of elders walking infront of you, yell “HEY ELDER” andddd everyone of them turn and look at you… hahaha its sooo funny…..

2.) when your in the shower and you like singing… sing out. I tried out the acoustics in the shower.. so I started singing Popcorn Popping and all the other sister missionaries joined me!!! IT WAS LEGIT!! so I do it often….

3.) THE FOOD MAY SOUND GOOD BUT LOOK AT IT BEFORE YOU EAT IT… my first day it said steak and mashed potatoes… those were mashed potatoes… but that was NOT steak… no.. soo I settled for soda and cereal.. but literally it does get better after your there for awhile.. the have the best fries.. and on SUNDAY WE GET ICE CREAM!!!!! AHHH!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ so excited.. well you get ice cream like popcicles and ice cream sandwhiches everyday.. Elder Wood in my district eats them for breakfast.. but anyways FOOD IS UNLIMITED!!

So the MTC was super easy until yesterday, my third day… Yesterday my companion and I prayed 33 times from 12pm-10:30pm. We had an investigator and we were teaching her our first lesson.. It went really well.. but we seriously needed to pray to have the spirit with us… then later in classroom study, we learned about teaching investigators how to pray… sooo we prayed like 20 times in a row.. it was a great day. but by 9 pm I was so emotionally tiered.

So my companion is from American Fork, Utah her name is Sister Nelson. She is pretty cool. She loves photography and yet the only picture we have taken is this goofy one…. hahahaha…. itssss funny. and shes going to Little Rock Arkansas also.

But ya! I LOVE IT HERE IT IS GREAT! the spirit is so strong. plus you meet tons of people.. you arent seperated from the people that are going foreign places… So I have a really good friends from Brazil, Japan, Philippines, and South Africa. They all talk really cool… haha and when they teach english people its hilarious. hah quick story… this elder from brazil was teaching a girl that obviously lives here.. and he was like “and the book of mormon tells of prophets that come over to the americas” and the girl was like “like Christopher Columbus?” and hes like” WHAT?!?!?!?!?!” and she repeated herself.. and hes like “uhh ya?!?!? Who IS THAT?!?!” it was hilarious.. because he doesn’t know anything about american history.. haha

but yaa its great!! πŸ™‚ its my fav. don’t want to leave!! πŸ™‚

Love and miss Everyone!!


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4 thoughts on “January 3, 2015- Into the MTC

  1. Leesa says:

    So glad you having a great experience. What is the first name of Sister Nelson? at least you know 1 person that will be in your mission. I look forward to your blogs in the future. Will you be doing this while on your mission? Love ya Sister Landrum


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