Roadkill story 

so this week i was on exchanges back in my good ol area morrilton.home of…. roadkill. haahaha. but we were walking down a couple ofstreets and found 2 possums! they were pretty beat up. ill let thepictures do the talking. 
{sister jade accountius}


Christmas card sneak peek 

ill be sending out our christmas cards soon… we havent decided whichpicture we want to do yet, so ill just give you this really bad one of

us and call it ‘merry christmas you filthy animals’-arkansas finest

sister missionaries.


{sister jade accountius


December Pictures 

i found sea shells in the middle of the country!! who da thunk it…. 😉 && i purposly made my face like that. 

i found this nasty huge caterpillar outside of this guys apartment.. he later yelled at us for messing with it… 

 {sister jade accountius}


September 28

This week was kinda a blurr. Weird things happened. Haha.1. On Tuesday a sister that was staying with me lit a milk jug on fire….

2. Transfers happened on Wednesday, i am now with Sister Hannah Mathison, I’m still in Conway. Shes pretty legit though. Because 1.Shes almost in all of the new bible videos.. 2 she has the craziestthings happen to her 3. We can fart in front of each other and its anok thing. 4. Shes currently writing David Archuleta… Well notreally, she was, but not anymore. Girl drama.

3. We had womens conference which was really cool. I dont think it was

my favorite though…

4. We were late to church yesterday because a man was trying to arguewith us about The Fall of Adam and Eve. He said that the “apple” was a woman and the Lord told Eve not to lust after the fruit…. but eve lusted after the fruit which was a woman. So the first sin of theworld was homosexuality… So that was our reason for being late to church. But we figured out that there are 93 different baptist churches in Conway, 7 Pentecostal churches, 6 Methodist churches, 1 Catholic church, and 1 Jehovah Witness church and 1 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every single one of these 109 churches teach something different (apostasy is real guys) and only 1 church has the truth. And it happens to be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I cant wait till i can verbally tell you how you can see apostasy happen right in front of your eyes in the South. Its ridiculous. But good thing we know the truth!

Anyways,, that was my semi crazy week.
New companiero hermana mathison

Ward Campout in a cute little camper 
{sister jade accountius}